School communication that works. Finally.

teem connects teachers and staff to share and learn

Connected teachers Professional Learning Community (PLC) on a smartphoneConnected teachers

No teacher is an 
island with teem

No teacher is an island with teem

Classrooms can be a surprisingly lonely place. teem lets school staff create spaces to discuss what matters to them. Whether for grade-level and subject-area teams, a new skill like PBL, or planning a staff-only field trip to Chili’s 🌶 - teem helps teachers connect, share, and get support.

Better collaboration means better outcomes. And happier teachers.

Teachers isolated on islands

Get a handle on that inbox. All of them.

If you’re like most people, your email inbox is a disaster 🌋. Add SMS and social media… Well, good luck making sure that important message gets seen or can ever be found again. teem brings all your group and one-to-one staff communication into one place. Plus it’s automatically organized and archived so you can find that great link months later.

Say goodbye to inbox hell.

Teacher inboxes overflowing because of poor school communication

PD in your PJs has a nice ring to it

We get it, teachers are busy. That’s why teem supports professional learning anytime, anywhere 🚠. Have a great idea while watching Netflix? Or in the grocery store line? Or both at the same time? (My, you’re efficient!) Send it with teem. It works on all your devices.

You’ll never let a good idea (or question!) go to waste again.

Teacher chatting with her Professional Learning Community (PLC) on the sofa

One more thing…

teem was designed with a ton of teacher feedback. So, yes, even dinosaurs can use it.* And they’ll want to, because teem helps teachers save time 🙌. It’s one more make-my-life-easier thing.

* No dinosaurs were harmed in the making of teem

cloudsTeacher dinosaurs using the teem app

School communication
that works.

teem connects teachers and staff to share and learn

Professional Learning Network (PLN) on a laptop

Excited to meet you 😀!

We’ll be in touch in the next day or so to schedule a quick demo.

Teacher dinosaur says he loves demos and chocolate

See how teem transforms school communication

By the way, teem costs about as much your annual PD day lunch bill, but it helps fuel professional learning all year 🚀. Can you say that about those soggy sandwiches?

Connected teachers